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Your Pagh is Weak (S2E5) | Lower Dorks Podcast

September 10, 2021

The Lower Dorks host descend upon Starbase 25 and take a look at everything S2E5 has to offer, from the updated dress uniforms to Rutherford and Tendi's relationship and why Quark's business makes models of ships like the Cerritos!

0:00 Intro and drink announcement
1:08 Episode announce and synopsis
1:46 Ransom's the hero?
2:06 Doopler actor and alien concept
5:00 Rutherford and Tendi have bigger things to deal with!
6:29 Where is Kayshon!? 
7:40 DAMMIT MIKE: Who runs Starbase 25?!
9:07 More about Starbase 25 and references found there - Security, parked ships, interior look, barber shop, aviary
15:54 Bar scene references and hypotheses
24:12 Boimler and Mariner make up, abandonment theme
26:21 Malvus and his shop
28:26 Uniforms - Dress uniforms and Cerritos differences
31:01 Model Cerritos, Quark's model business
36:42 Other references: Captain Shelby, Shelby's Number One, Okona
39:40 The message of the ending
40:42 Outro

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